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Coiled Duct

SEAD Coiled Duct is leading a new era of Communication, Control & Underground Cable duct infrastructures.

SEAD Coiled Duct is a very robust cable duct infrastructure solution. It is manufactured in great continuous lengths with a plurality of pre-manufactured inner ducts which can be silicone lined.  

 product-overview.jpgCoiled Duct

In comparison with traditional technology, SEAD Coiled Duct has solved problems associated with compressive load. SEAD Coiled Duct has greater flexibility, reduced weight, greater continuous lengths, high reliability and greater cost efficiency.

Coil Load 

The strength, design and simplicity of SEAD Coiled Duct enables great lengths of underground infrastructure to be installed very quickly.   This delivers significant cost savings and more duct can be laid in a given time than was previously possible.  

Significant environmental and social benefits result from this cable duct infrastructure.  The speed and simplicity of installation results in reduced disruption to traffic. Substantially reduced working time in hazardous areas produces substantial Health & Safety benefits.

There is no requirement for large amounts of protective layers of sand and gravel during installation.   Several environmental impacts result: less material requires transportation, less waste soil disposal and fewer materials require storage.

The benefits of SEAD Coiled Duct are also long term. Ongoing repair and maintenance costs to the duct infrastructure will be significantly reduced. Future improvements and upgrades due to technological advances can be adopted with ease. 

The outer diameter of SEAD Coiled Duct can range from 50mm to 160mm.   The cable duct can be manufactured with up to 8 inner ducts of multiple colours according to the customers design. 

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