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Multiple Channel Cable Duct

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SEAD Coiled Duct is leading a new era of Communication, Control & Underground Cable duct infrastructures.

SEAD Coiled Duct is a very robust cable duct infrastructure solution. It is manufactured in great continuous lengths with a plurality of pre-manufactured inner ducts which can be silicone lined. In comparison with traditional technology, SEAD Coiled Duct has solved problems associated with compressive load. SEAD Coiled Duct has greater flexibility, reduced weight, greater continuous lengths, high reliability and greater cost efficiency.

Quick Comparison Chart

SEAD Coiled Duct Traditional Duct
Speed of Installation 3,000m / day 160m / day
ContinuousLengths upto1,000m+ Outer Duct 6m InnerDuct15m-50m
Flexibility Free bending & coilable Outer Duct rigid Inner Duct free bending
CompressionStrength 2,900N 450N
InnerDucts from 1-9

(pre-manufactured as one unit)


(Inner ducts installed separately - 4 max)

% Cable capacity of duct 80% 50%
Work in Trenches Minimal /None Extensive
Protective Aggregate NotRequired Significant
Trench width &depth 420 d


980 d


Long Term Water/Airtightness Yes No